Trial in tin of the 10 centimes (1849), heavy weight

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Photo of a coin sold by, link to the sale and their website:,fmd_310177,a.html.

Année G F XF 40 AU 58 MS 63 MS 65
1 1849 - - - 170 - -

This coin does not seem to exist in a state of conservation inferior or superior to AU. I classify this coin as a heavy weight, the usual weight being 8.00 grs. One copy seen. Cgb.r mentions weight without commenting that it is a heavyweight. The coin was probably sold as a normal weight, so I overvalued 30 Euros, the average price for a coin in this state with a weight of 8.00 grs. Unlike bronze or copper coins where the differences in weight are important, these tin coins, always seem to have a precise weight around 8.00 grs.

If you have a more worn copy than the known minimum conservation state, remove aproximately 30 percent for each lower conservation state. In the opposite case, you probably have the best known copy, as long as the coin is not sold, we can not know what price will be obtained in auction.