Denier, type 4, var 1 (CARLVS REX F . MET - VLLO . monogram Karolus)

Obverse legend
Reverse legend

CARLVS REX F (circular legend with the letter S reversed and the letter F resembling a no. Around a cross surrounded by a circle made up of dots, a cross between R and CARLVS).

MET - VLLO (circular legend around the Karolus monogram (2) surrounded by a circle made up of dots, a cross between the letters T and V, another between O and M).

Photo of a coin sold by Classical Numismatic Group, link to the sale and their website:


Monograms Karolus:

(1) All letters inscribed normally.

(2) The letters K and R inscribed normally, the letter S inverted, the letter L inscribed normally.​​​​​


Warning! You have to be even more careful with type 4 than with type 3. Indeed, it is very likely that these coins date from Charles The Simple. It is very difficult to differentiate the coinage of a king or another. This type with the legend of the reverse cut by a cross, would be (according to the discoveries of treasures), struck from 864 .. Experts also believe that the style is reminiscent of late strikes. I therefore classify these coins for all the kings concerned by a possible strike, while putting this comment each time.

G F XF 40 AU 58 MS 63 MS 65
1 100 200 300 ? ? ?