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Discovery of the different Roman counterfeit molds

After the long article talking about astronomy on ancient coins, i continue with this one, shorter but obviously interesting. No many things are said about the molds created by the ancient forgers. However, they allow us to learn about the technics used, but also, as you will see, on the extent of the circulation of coins at this period.

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L'astronomie sur les monnaies

If you are reading this, you probably have already heard of stars, crescents or other astronomical symbols that can be seen on coins struck in antiquity. That's right, there are many references to astronomical events on ancient coins, but sometimes these stars or crescents are not what you think.

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Presentation of the ''CATALOGUE DES MONNAIES ROMAINES - Gallien'' from Cédric Wolkow

Today, I'm going to talk about the works made by Cédric Wolkow and I advise you to read as soon as possible!

He is already author of several successful books, such as: ''CATALOGUE DES MONNAIES RÉGIONALES – DOLE – TYPES, VARIANTES, RARETÉ, PRIX''. Or: ''Catalogue des monnaies romaines, la série des DIVI, les monnaies de restitution de Trajan Dèce'' (coming soon). It is now that he shares with us his last works, a trilogy well supplied on Gallienus' coins. Volume I: ''CATALOGUE DES MONNAIES ROMAINES – GALLIEN – L’ÉMISSION DITE « DU BESTIAIRE »'', volume II: ''CATALOGUE DES MONNAIES ROMAINES – GALLIEN – LES ÉMISSIONS DITES « DES FIGURES DEBOUT »'' and the last volume: ''CATALOGUE DES MONNAIES ROMAINES – GALLIEN – L’ÉMISSION DITE « DES FIGURES ASSISES » et les émissions S/P-P/II''.

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