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A variant for the essay of 1/2 Franc HENRI V

It is a glaring variant but that a lot of people hadn't seen but that a lot of people hadn't seen. This variant is submitted by Sylvain D. Indeed he noticed that on the tests of 1833, the F in the field in the middle is small or large. I noticed in my turn, that the die with the large F always displays a point after the date, which is not the case with the die with the small F. In addition, the date seems slightly larger when the F is tall. The reverses are exactly the same.

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Discovery of the different Roman counterfeit molds

After the long article talking about astronomy on ancient coins, i continue with this one, shorter but obviously interesting. No many things are said about the molds created by the ancient forgers. However, they allow us to learn about the technics used, but also, as you will see, on the extent of the circulation of coins at this period.

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L'astronomie sur les monnaies

If you are reading this, you probably have already heard of stars, crescents or other astronomical symbols that can be seen on coins struck in antiquity. That's right, there are many references to astronomical events on ancient coins, but sometimes these stars or crescents are not what you think.

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