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New! An unlisted and particular Sestertius of Antoninus Pius

We know the attributes of each Roman allegory, yet sometimes we see some visuals showing us what we call "variants". This is the case here with this coin. Once again, it was a friend who showed me this coin. He thought he had a perfectly normal Antoninus Pius Sestertius. I remember immediately seeing that something was strange. In the second he showed me this coin, I thinked that Annona seemed to have a lot of things in her hands.

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Comment identifier les différentes tailles des lettres A et K pour le type CERES

 There are in all 3 sizes of letters for the mint of Paris (letter A): small, normal and high. However, it is possible that one names small by: very small; normal will also be named medium. This is due to the fact that the punches used to mark the mint letter on the die, are more or less small. For example it will be very small if the letter is engraved with a punch used for cents, on a corner for a 2 francs. The final visual will give the impression of having a ''very small'' letter. I also think that name is given to help people understand what we are talking about. Because people who referenced these variants knew well that it is very difficult to see the difference between normal and small. Because sometimes even the punch '' normal '' is already itself small. One way to say '' imagine a tiny letter ''.

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