Denarius, type 1 (monogramme Carolus)

Obverse legend
Reverse legend

CARLVS REX FR (circular legend around the Carolus monogram (1) surrounded by a circle made up of dots, a cross between FR and CARLVS. One globule in the middle of the letter V, one triangle between the letter R and the cross).

SENNES (circular legend around a cross surrounded by a circle made up of points, a cross between the two letters S).

One copy preserved at the Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen of Berlin, link to the page of their website showing the photo of the coin:


Monograms Carolus:

(1) Without dot at the top in the diamond on the middle.


Le triangle entre la lettre R et la croix à l'avers, est peut-être une cassure de coin.

G F XF 40 AU 58 MS 63 MS 65
1 ? ? ? ? ? ?

Seems never to have gone on sale.