Denarius, type 2, var 5

Obverse legend
Reverse legend

CARo _ LVS (inscribed in two lines with one globule between the letter A and the letter V).

Rx F (the letters R, x and F under a tilde, a globule in the middle, a triangular globule under the leg of the letter R).

Coin sold by Sincona AG, link to the sale:, I have chosen to classify this coin as a variant. The globule in triangle can however be a die break, but it seems to me more likely that it is indeed a globule, like those we see on other dies and having the same triangular shape.


The coins of Aix-La-Chapelle and Milan are very similar .. I considered that the coins with the mention MED are from Milan and that all those not having this group of letters are for the mint of Aix-La-Chapelle.

G F XF 40 AU 58 MS 63 MS 65
1 1.000 2.000 4.000 ? ? ?