Denarius, type 2 (VCEI . cross)

Obverse legend
Reverse legend

CARo _ LVS (inscribed in two lines).

V - C - E - I (anti-clockwork legend with a letter at each corner of a cross. The letter V at the top left with a globule between the two bars of the letter, the letter C at the bottom left with a globule between the two horizontal bars of the letter; the letter E at the bottom right and tilted with a globule above it, the letter I tilted to the left and positioned at the top right with a globule between the letter and the cross).

Description according to old works. Need to see a copy for confirmation.


Given the name of the city, I agree with the works which give this legend order on the reverse.

G F XF 40 AU 58 MS 63 MS 65
1 ? ? ? ? ? ?

Seems never to have gone on sale.