Denarius, type 2

Obverse legend
Reverse legend

PI PI _ REX (the letters P, I, P and I under a tilde, a cross between PI and PI, four globules arranged around the cross, one globule in the second letter P). 

SCI MARTINI (circular legend around a globe itself surrounded by dots, the letters N and I mixed; the letters S, C and I separated from the letters M, A, R, T, I, N and I by a cross). 

Photo of the copy preserved at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (public domain), link to the page of their website showing the photo of the coin:;0.


Another copy sold by OGN numismatique: (globule insde the second letter P?).

G F XF 40 AU 58 MS 63 MS 65
1 6.000 8.000 15.000 ? ? ?