Trial in copper of the Un centime (1798), Dupré, without signature

Obverse legend
Reverse legend


PIECE DESSAI / UN _ CENTIME _ L'AN 6_ (privy mark) A (privy mark)

Photo of a coin sold by, link to the sale and their website:,v58_0409,a.html.

G F XF 40 AU 58 MS 63 MS 65
1 80 100 200 350 - -

This coin does not seem to exist in a state of conservation higher than AU.

If you own a copy better than AU, you probably have the best known copy. As long as the coin is not sold, we can not know what price will be obtained in auction. The existence of this type of coin in a state superior to AU is almost impossible.

A copy having circulated and in VG state, sold by, quotation of their comment on this coin: "The state of wear of this copy testifies that it has circulated a long time". link to the sale and their website:,fmd_246892,a.html.