An unlisted bust for Hadrian


  It was while browsing the coins of Hadrian that I came across this bust. And that I discovered that he was not referenced.


Laureate bust of Hadrian with a slight drapery on the left shoulder.


Victory, seated left, holding a wreath in the right hand and a palm on the left.

So far, if we take the legend, the type of the reverse and the bust we would have the RIC 345 (d). (d) being exactly that bust with slight drapery. Except that it is not known by being associated with this reverse. It also seems after some researches, that it is not referenced in any book. However Roma Numismatic Limited has specified this bust variant by noting RIC 345. Here is the coin with their comments on the link below the photo:

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On other similar coins, Roma Numismatic Limited specified the drapery in his comments by assigning it to RIC 345 (without saying that this bust was not referenced). So no mention var or bust (d) was made.


The busts known with this reverse are now four (d) being the one I just referenced:

(a) Bust bare to the right.

(b) Bust laureate to the left.

(c) Bust laureate to the right.

(d) Bust laureate, with slight drapery on the left shoulder.

I specify that the RIC mentioned for this type of reverse only the bust (c). This fourth bust is known by being associated with this reverse, but only with the obverse legend HADRIANVS - AVGVSTVS, so without P P. It is the RIC 183.

This same bust, we find it with the same reverse and the legend: VICTOR - IA AVGG;  at the obverse, it is with the legend: HADRIANVS – AVG COS III P P. It is therefore the RIC 286 except that once again, this bust with the slight drapery is not referenced in books with this type and this legend. Roma Numismatic Limited, did not mention this bust on this coin (maybe they did it on another similar coin).

Here is the photo:

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Finally, even if some people have described the bust, none (to my knowledge) seems to have seen that bust was to be listed.