Didius Julianus

  • Emperor: 193
  • Wife: Manlia Scantilla
  • Daughter: Didia Clara


Group 1: Group 1: The legends and the portrait correspond to an existing official type.

Group 2: A small mistake like a spear instead of a scepter. The rest of the coin perfectly follows the official coin. Or depreciated coin, but leaving parts showing that the coin seems to have the legends and the portrait corresponding to an existing official type.

Group 3: The existing official type is well imitated but contains one or more errors of legend, representation or degenerate style (excluding hybrid).

Group 4: The coin is a hybrid of two official types (obverse / reverse) and may also include legend errors. Or, the coin is known in another module or metal.



Reference :
Weight: 2.43 grs
Metal: Silver Fourree
Diameter: 17.00 mm
Scarcity: Very rare





Bust of Didius julianus, laureate to the right.


Didius Julianus togate, standing left, holding globe wit the right hand and roll with the left hand.

Picture of type

Photos coming from a coin Leu Numismatik, link to the sale and their website: https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=2397&lot=894.

Coin perfectly imitating the RIC 3. 

I note 2 coins. The first sold in 2014 by Auktionshaus H. D. Rauch GmbH, link to the sale: https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1908955, with a good weight of 3.35 grs. The other sold in 2018 by Savoca Numismatik, link to the sale: https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5118970, This coin is 15.00 mm and has a light weight of 2.62 grs. All these coins share the same reverse die. The first coin sold in 2014 is undoubtedly in silver; it shares the same dies of obverse and reverse as the coin sold in June 2018 which has a weight of 2.62 grs. The third coin in photo here, with a light weight and similar to the last one, only shares the same reverse die. It was sold in February 2018. 3 coins sold in four years, the first is a real denarius. Wether, given that this emperor did not struck in quantity, the very small number of dies, causes a high probability of finding a die link easily. Or, the 2014 coin served as a model for a modern mold. We can not draw any conclusion because we would have to know the origin of these coins. The two coins with a weak weight can come from the same find and we would have two copies of the work of the same forger.