Picture search engine

Identify your coins with over 2600 photos including over 1000 emperor portraits and more than 900 different types of reverse illustrated with their variants. About 1600 illustrations of reverse with 42 categorys.... I add dozens of photos every day and, at the end, each portrait of emperor will be bound to all the reverses of his reign and every reverse will send back to all the emperors who struck them. How to use this search engine: https://www.all-your-coins.com/en/blog/antique/comment-utiliser-le-moteur-de-recherche-par-image

How to use: search your category of reverse (seated, standing, animal ...)> open your category and refine the search> you found your reverse, search your emperor in the category '' portrait of the emperors ''> refine the search by choosing metal> if you can not identify your emperor, type the name of your reverse on google. Each reverse is already tied to an emperor at a minimum (Currently only one for example)

Portraits of the Emperors